County Ground Shares

Share in the supporters 50% of the County Ground Through the last few years, a great deal of research and investigation has taken place to determine the most effective way for supporters to share in the ownership of the County Ground. Due to the complexity in running the joint venture, supporters are unable to purchase shares directly in the County Ground itself. However, supporters can hold a share in the entity which owns 50% of the County Ground, that being Swindon Town Community Mutual (better known as Trust STFC).

Every member of Trust STFC will hold a share in Swindon Town Community Mutual (which owns 50% of the County Ground) their annual membership fee being invested into its upkeep and development (subject to an annual business plan being approved by members). Exeter City Supporters Trust operate a similar scheme at St. James Park (where they own 50% of the Club rather than the stadium). Current membership of the Exeter Trust is around 3,600 supporters.