Working Groups and Aims

Introduction / Latest Progress
Fan Advisory Board Lead: James Spencer (JS)
Supported by Alex Pollock (AP)
  • Continue participation and engagement with STFC via the Fan Advisory Board
  • JS has agreed to get early sight of comms on ticket prices with Rob A
  • Trust article of ticket reductions issued but still awaiting formal publication of ticket prices
  • Members/fans questions were submitted and answered at the AB
County Ground Purchase Lead: Steve Mytton (SM)
Supported by James Maton (JM),
Stuart Woollard (SW), Neil Hutchings (NH) and Scott Curtis (SC)
  • Clem to address the debenture concerns for Eady Trustees, unofficial 6-month deadline to settle debentures agreed
  • Legal paperwork under review by STFC lawyer
  • Important this deal is understood by all, and rock solid for future generations
  • Rob is reviewing amendments to JV, NH has also now sent these to Greg
County Ground Development Prep Lead: Stuart Woollard (SW)
Supported by Steve Mytton (SM), Neil Hutchings (NH) and Scott Curtis (SC)
  • Behind the scenes planning for Stadium Development
  • Use our own ideas to develop a draft County Ground future vision
  • Start building our own view on how this vision can be funded and realised
  • Develop a proposal for discussion within the JV
  • Once JV agreed, it can be used for wider consultation with shareholders
  • Develop a proposal for board sign-off
New Website Lead: James Spencer (JS)
Supported by Alex Pollock (AP), Steve Garton (SG) and Steve Mytton (SM)
  • Consolidate TrustSTFC.TV, RAF, LearnAboutSTFC and County Ground shares in one place
  • Email addresses for all board members to be included
  • Board agreed to Trust Digital Strategy circulated by JS at June Board meeting which recommended outsourcing creation to Nautilus
Shares Marketing Lead: Neil Hutchings (NH)
Supported by Keith Coatsworth (KC), and New Website Team
  • Run a successful national and international ‘County Ground’ shares membership campaign
  • NH has created a CG Membership and Share Strategy – to be developed as timelines become more certain
  • NH produced first draft of “prospectus” – single text document capturing reference content for all Trust outputs
  • KC developed membership options as part of Prospectus – Reward initiatives considered as part of this work
  • Develop a proposal for board sign-off
County Ground Statues Lead: Steve Mytton (SM)
Supported by: Keith Coatsworth (KC)
  • Proposal presented at AGM and via emails to Membership
  • Membership vote with 94% approval of Don Rogers statue
  • Majority in favour of action pose
  • Proposed action pose discussed with Don and approved
  • Maquette now completed by sculptor Alan Herriott, approved by Board members
Club Museum Lead Keith Coatsworth (KC)
Supported by Steve Mytton (SM) and Paul Hedges (PH) also Mike, Dick and Paul
  • Exploring ideas around lottery/heritage funding
  • Develop a proposal for board sign-off and submission to JV
  • Draft version of governing document completed
  • Three trustees have been confirmed, Keith Coatsworth, Dick Mattick and Ray from STFC
Fan Engagement Lead: Tom Paris (TP)
Supported by Steve Garton (SG), Bazil Solomon (BS) and James Spencer (JS)
  • Social media strategy agreed at July Board
  • TP is working with Rob on 3 match day experience ideas ‘Paint the Town Red’, ‘Bring the Noise’ and digital advertising
Income Streams Lead: Tom Paris (TP)
Supported by TBC
  • TP has created New Income Streams Strategy
  • Includes Corporate Membership, Merchandise Store
  • Develop a proposal for board sign-off
  • TP distributed commercial membership proposal for discussion
Environment and Sustainability Lead: Chris VR
Supported by N/A yet
  • CVR advised he would like to lead on environment and sustainability initiatives such as encouraging fans to cycle to matches, SW advised some work had already been done looking into this and agreed to forward it on.
Diversity & Inclusion Lead: Bazil Solomon (BS)
Supported by N/A yet
  • BS would like to lead on the inclusion workstream and ways of increasing diversity across the fan base.
  • Work with NextGen team and target schools in the appropriate areas
  • Develop a proposal for board / STFC sign-off
  • Vesak day event successfully organized by BS with FA support
Next Gen Lead: Scott Curtis
Supported by Mike Welsh and New Website Team
  • Support the NextGen of Swindon Town fans with new ideas and initiatives
  • Schools/Youth tickets ideas already underway with STFC and the Foundation
  • Develop further – perhaps educational giveaways for schools, also online history/videos
  • Develop improvements proposal for board / STFC sign-off
  • Help Trust Sponsored Joe Tomlinson to visit local schools and have promotion around that
  • Workstream on hold unless a sponsor can be found
Swindon Town Women Lead: Laura Morgan (LM)
Supported by N/A yet
  • Regular funding agreed already, looking to help Swindon Town Women as much as possible
  • Get more people and companies interested in STFC and Swindon Town Women FC
  • STFC looking to move games to CG and Foundation Park (FP) for next season
  • Swindon Town Women FC are developing a business plan to share with board / STFC
  • Nationwide have agreed to match a donation to cover the cost of playing at FP
TrustSTFC Charity Lead: Steve Garton
Supported by N/A yet
  • SG has issued a short survey to Board members to canvass ideas results shows a preference for a single local charity with a shortist of 5 that members can vote on